Trunking system offers numerous advantages such as:

  • Cable management and wiring made simple.
  • Cable laying replaced by cable drawing.
  • Easy access to cables and wires for any conversion or repairs.
  • The most desired and preferred electrical and electronics cable management system around the globe.
  • Separate metal enclosed compartments for various low volt and weak current systems such as power, communication, data etc…

Trunkings are designed and produced for the following applications:

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Bench mounted
  • Vertical duct mounteds








Riser Trunking, TR


  • Cable management in vertical applications including:
    Regular and emergency power supply, computer cables, weak currents such as communication, data, intercom, sound, video and fire alarms.
  • Mounted on building’s electrical service rooms on each floor.
  • Designed for cable laying instead of cable drawing.
  • Replacing cable tray and cable ladder with higher mechanical withstand and dust and humidity protection.
  • Replacing conventional conduit systems with modification capabilities for network cables and wires during or after installment.
  • Metal enclosed separate compartments for communication, computer and other weak current cables.


  • Commercial and office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Offices and many others.




Cable Ducts, CD

Replacing cable trays at:

  • Industrial sites with polluted environment.
  • Multistory buildings with insulation capability to protect cables from fire hazards.
  • Outdoor application such as oil, gas and petrochemical refineries to prevent cable disintegration due to direct sun light.
  • Corrosive zones (optional).





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