To comply with today’s fast changing environment and high rate of developments, every modern organization seeks to modify its production sites and offices to match the quick changing needs of the market.

We can achieve this by providing a power distribution system that is dynamic, flexible and durable, designed for rapid rearrangement.

Busducts are prefabricated, precabled electrical distribution systems with modular components. Installation is fast and simple and can easily be adapted to rapid changes demanded in today’s projects.

Prefabricated cable trunkings are the most suitable system to quickly adapt to the required cable management changes.

Since its establishment in 1974, Gital has been actively involved in design and production of a variety of busduct and trunking systems for diverse range of applications.

Gital’s research, development and technical departments are currently providing tailored designs of busducts and trunkings for a wide range of projects, from short-run horizontal transformer switchboard interconnections to multistory commercial high rise buildings and industrial developments.




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