Quality Control Plan
Inspection and tests of Gital busduct products are carried out in accordance with IEC-60439-1&2 standards.
In addition to “routine test” equipments, some selected “type test” equipments, essential for design purposes, are also available at our facilities.
Domestic and overseas laboratories and test centers are used for other “type tests”.

Inspections and tests can generally be classified as:

A- Inspection on incoming materials and parts
Inspection and/or tests of incoming materials and parts are carried out based on manufacturer’s certificates and according to international standards, prior to production.

B- On-going production inspections
Every production station is inspected according to procedures specified by our quality control department.
These includes inspections and tests on each batch of manufactured parts at metal shop, conductor shop, paint shop and assembly shop.

C- Finished products
The finished busducts are tested in accordance with IEC-60439-1&2 in two major categories:

1- Type tests
These tests are carried out prior to mass production on a sample product:

    • Temperature rise limits
    • Dielectric properties
    • Short circuit strength
    • Protective circuit continuity
    • Resistance and reactance
    • Clearance, creepage and gaps
    • Mechanical operation
    • Structural strength
    • Degree of protectio

Note: Type tests maybe repeated upon customers order.



2-Routine tests
Routine tests are carried out on each product according to IEC and can be summarized as below:

    • Visual inspections
    • Dimensional checks
    • Phase sequence tests and earth continuity
    • DC resistance tests
    • High voltage withstand tests

Customers may be present during all above mentioned routine tests and inspections.



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